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Christmas charity show – Winny’s Christmas – Part Four – Christmas tale

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Christmas charity show – Winny’s Christmas – Part Four – Christmas tale

Since she spent her evenings in the community centre, Winny’s days started with happiness. Everybody loved her, her work was praised and she was showered with sweets. Her relationship with Ulrik got also sorted out and they were best friends again.


However, in the last days the taste of ginger bread turned bitter in her mouth because of someone. And this someone was Polly. Rehearsals for the Christmas charity show had started and Polly played one of the major parts. She was strutting about every night in the community centre demanding praise from everybody. She kept hustling to be offered treats. She kept bustling to be admired. She kept giving concerned noises about her role to be assured she was vastly talented on stage.

‘Oh, Winny dear, do you think this colour will suit my costume? I fear I’ll look ungainly in it.’ she kept whining to Winny in an affected manner every night.

‘Winny, you can’t imagine how much I worry not to get hoarse for the show. I gurgle with salt water every morning and I eat honey every night.’ she repeated endlessly.

Winny fumed looking to the skies for help.

‘I could play her part effortlessly. I could even sing more beautifully. And naturally, she doesn’t have to spoil her hands by making presents. And though ‘her majesty’ doesn’t stay to clean up after rehearsals, everybody adores her.’ Winny thought.


And what was even more annoying, the otherwise sensible Ulrik didn’t see through it all. He was following the conceited Polly everywhere with devotion in his eyes.

‘Ulrik, fetch me that outfit, will you! Ulrik, adjust the spotlight; this angle of light doesn’t suit me. Ulrik, can you give me a glass of water, please, my throat is so parched.’


And Winny ended up dreaming about Polly every night. In her dream Polly is singing on the stage and the auditorium is full of people. Then the tune sticks in her throat. She is gaping with bulging eyes soundlessly. She is blushing wildly and then runs off stage in humiliation. In another dream Polly is moving along the stage speaking with wide theatrical gestures and suddenly she trips over the hem of her costume and falls flat on her tummy in front of all the people. And while she is trying to stand up tangled in her robe, the audience is more and more hilarious.


When she woke up, Winny felt a trifle ashamed. She didn’t really wish that Polly forgot her lines or the charity show got spoilt. She only wished she didn’t have to see how enthusiastic all the actors rehearse. She envied them. She knew she had only herself to blame for missing this fun. When the teacher had asked who wanted to perform, she had answered haughtily, ‘No way.’


And now night by night she had to observe how the others were practising their parts. And by now she knew the whole play by heart. In vain. Soon everything was ready. The presents had been finished, the scenery had been made for the show, the big Christmas tree had been erected in the great hall. Winny had also participated in decorating it. To sum it up, everything was ship shape. And everybody was looking forward to the big day…






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