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The washing-machine eats socks

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The washing-machine eats socks

The washing-machine eats socks


Winny was never high right after waking up. She hated the chiming of the alarm clock, she hated getting up early. She pulled the blanket over her head quickly and pretended not to see it was morning. She closed her eyes and fell asleep. But she couldn’t help hearing the awful sound the alarm clock emitted.

’It’s time to get up.’, she thought and clambered out of bed.

‘Huh, I must hurry!’, she realized and started to get dressed.

She had already donned her new checked blouse and knee-length jeans, but she couldn’t find
any socks. Better to say, she did find heaps of socks in her drawer but she wanted to put on
two identical pieces, as people usually do.

‘Oh, how I love the checked one. But where could its pair have vanished to?’

Winny turned her wardrobe upside down and uprooted other socks in the process. However, all these were
without their pairs. She couldn’t wear a knee-length pink with a short yellow one?! So she
crept under the bed, rummaged under the carpet, but nothing except three rather dirty pieces.

‘I have no clue where they can be.’ and she sat down in the corner to give the issue some
‘I’ve got it!’, she cried. ’The washing-machine! The hungry beast! That’s it.’

Where else could her socks have vanished to, when she keeps her things so tidy? Well, not absolutely
tidy, but who would be tidier with so much to do? Only her text books are lying scattered
under her desk, but it’s because there is more room for them there than on her desk. All right,
she hasn’t replaced every item into the jewellery box either. Actually, she hasn’t replaced
anything at all, but it would be a waste of time anyway to empty the box every day in order to
see what she has and then put everything back again. This way she can see every piece, she
can pick the ones matching her outfit the best.
Winny took a worried glance at her watch but lit up with enthusiasm immediately from a
sudden idea.

‘I’ll put on my slippers today, because it’s warm outside. Well, not exactly warm, not yet.
But it’s early, it’ll be warm soon.’

And so she quickly put on her trendy pink beach sandals,
exchanged the checked blouse for a pink T-shirt with a rabbit design. She also replaced her
bracelets, searched for a pink ribbon and then dashed to the bus stop to catch the bus. But of
course it is not so easy to dash in sandals, is it?

‘Winny, Winny! Shall I give you a lift?’, she could hear from behind, but she kept running
with self-confidence.

Then she could hear the bus swish past her and saw less and less people
left at the bus stop.

‘Good to be out of it.’ she sighed. ‘I hate crowded buses.’, she reassured herself.

She decided to stop running. It was in vain anyway, she would only end up tripping over her
sandals. She knew the next bus would arrive soon, so she took a seat and started painting
her nails. She also started to feel hungry, so she began chewing on some grass and acacia
blossoms. ‘The washing machine had its fill from my socks, but here I linger starving.’, she
She took no notice of being a bit cold in her sleeveless T-shirt and of her toes going numb
because her mind was happily occupied with the thought of having the prettiest nails.
Then she heard a terrible screech and Hodge, the hedgehog appeared on his silly roller. Winny
wasn’t too fond of him because he was always surrounded by girls. Winny often spied him
in the corridor and he was never alone. Unlike her. She turned her head away quickly. Hodge
wouldn’t pay attention to her anyway, so Winny shouldn’t let him think she fancied him. But
Hodge rolled next to her and asked:

‘Shall I give you a lift, Winny?’ Winny stared at him in surprise, unable to utter a word.
‘There is room on my roller.’, Hodge said encouragingly.
‘Me?’ , Winny pulled herself together.

‘But of course. You. That is, if you are not afraid.’ said the hedgehog with one foot already on
the roller.
‘I’m not afraid. By no means.’, returned Winny and jumped on the roller.

And they were flying and Winny was enjoying it immensely. They overtook the bus and
everyone could see her from the bus stop as she was riding to school on Hodge’s roller…
She squared her shoulders, and swelled in pride and could hardly wait to glide in front of
the school… She didn’t feel the cold any more, she wasn’t angry with the washing machine.
Winny was really happy at last.

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