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Ulrik is making a windmill

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Ulrik is making a windmill

Ulrik is making a windmill

It was a lovely autumn day. Ulrik, the frog was bouncing by the stream deep in thought. He still felt frustrated by how Winny, the black rabbit girl had made a fool of him with the windmill and the ice cream the other day.

Actually, Ulrik fancied Winny in spite of her supercilious ways. He found her pretty with those keen, distracting eyes,  that coal black fur and the lovely bounce…

Ulrik sighed. He didn’t know what to do. On one hand, he wished to take revenge for the last fiasco. On the other, however, he wanted to prove he wasn’t a loser.

He remembered that Winny adored windmills, she would never go anywhere without one.

‘What if I make her a superb windmill, which I will only be willing to give her on certain conditions?’, he made up his mind excited with his idea.

Ulrik was clever with his hands, created lovely objects from odd bits and pieces. He started searching. He picked up a piece of tree bark here, some straight smooth sticks there. He gathered some thorns off a shrub, collected some sap from a pine tree, found a few colourful feathers, cut a flexible willow stick… And in a few hours’ time a magnificent colourful windmill lay in front of him. His own creation. Ulrik looked at it with satisfaction.

’Winny will love it!’, he thought and set off happily in the general direction where he usually encountered Winny.

Winny soon appeared with her inevitable windmill in hand. She didn’t register Ulrik but Ulrik observed proudly, that his windmill was far more exciting and a lot finer than the one in her hand. He bounced towards Winny without haste and greeted her.

‘Hi, Winny!’

The rabbit girl gave him an absent-minded glance, returned his greetings perfunctorily and was about to leave. But Ulrik blew on his magnificent windmill, which began to spin with a rainbow-like flicker. Winny’s eyes opened wide in awe.

‘Wow!’ ,she thought. ‘It’s fantastic, a lot more beautiful than mine.’ and she gulped with envy.

‘You’ve got quite a nice windmill there.’ she addressed Ulrik condescendingly, but friendlier than usual. ‘Where did you get it from?’ she inquired with true curiosity.

Ulrik chuckled to himself but kept his cool.

‘Oh, this one?’ he paused for effect blowing a little more on the windmill. ‘I made it myself.’ and he went on acting unconcerned, as if this were nothing out of the ordinary. But he observed the effect he had made on Winny from the corner of his eyes.

‘Will you give it to me, pleeease?’ begged Winny urgently, forgetting about her play acting.

‘Bingo’ rejoiced Ulrik inside, but gave no sign that he had expected this turn of events.

‘Well…’, he said turning his eyes upwards as if deep in thought. ‘I don’t know…’, he shook his head and looked sideways at Winny. ‘You have your own already.’ he pointed at the other windmill. ‘And you made me blow it for quite a long while last time.’ and the frog wrinkled his nose.

The rabbit girl was embarrassed and this was an unusual condition for her to be in. She was enchanted by the magnificent windmill, she longed to possess it, and she also recalled how rotten she had behaved with Ulrik. She tried to employ her usual distracting gaze but her eyes kept straying back to the rainbow-like twirl and she finally took a deep breath to speak.

‘Well…hhm…’, she mumbled uncomfortably. ‘Sorry about last time…and you are really smart to make such a beautiful windmill. I love it and would be delighted to exchange it for my old one.’ and she extended her windmill, watching Ulrik full of hope. But he didn’t budge easily, took his time to oblige her enjoying the praise as well as the apology.

‘You know what?’ Winny had an idea. ‘Let’s go and have an ice-cream! What flavour would you like?’ she asked charming the frog off his feet.

‘O.K.’ croaked he with pleasure. ‘A double portion of the seaweed flavoured would be fine.’ he grinned and offered his windmill to Winny, who took it with a happy bounce. They set off together to the ice-cream parlour.


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