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Winny’s Christmas – Part One

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Winny’s Christmas – Part One

‘What on earth is this scraping noise so early in the morning? Who cannot sleep on such a tranquil Sunday morning?’ , fumed Winny still half asleep.  As the noise didn’t want to cease, she jumped out of bed and went to investigate the source of it with the intention of giving the perpetrator a piece of her mind. She found the culprit as soon as she looked out of her window. Edmund, the elderly beaver was cleaning the snow from the pavement with his shovel. Winny was already formulating her spicy remarks about this early morning snow shovelling, but she stopped short with a gasp.

‘SNOW! The first snow of the season has fallen at last! It will be great fun to have a snow fight with Ulrik in the garden. Well, if the old man leaves any of the wonderful white stuff untouched. Why can’t he stop and simply enjoy the spectacle of the floating white flakes?’

With these reflections, Winny grabbed her warm winter outfit, donned her pretty pink furry cap and matching gloves and she was gone. Forgetting again about greeting the old man, Winny almost knocked Edmund off his feet as she was breaking through the neat piles of snow he had gathered and she flew in the direction of Ulrik’s home. And soon the joyful sounds of the playing children filled the air.


Later, with a mug of hot tea in hand, they were talking about the approaching festivities.

‘Ulrik, have you written to Father Christmas, yet? I have almost finished my list of wishes, but it is a bit too long. Now, I’ll have to decide which presents can wait until my birthday. I simply adore when my stocking is bulging with presents…’

‘I haven’t had time, yet. First, I need to figure out what to give the others for Christmas.’ ,answered Ulrik.

‘It can’t be so complicated. You draw something pretty to grown ups, they always feel moved by pictures. You give some chocolate to friends, chocolate always comes in handy. That’s all.’ ,shrugged Winny. ‘It’s more complicated to figure out what to wear on Christmas evening. I want to look pretty in the photos.’

‘In my opinion, giving presents is just as pleasurable as getting them.’,observed Ulrik with determination and a measure of reproach in his voice. Of course, he was aware that Winny was a bit selfish and usually overwhelmed by her own pretty self, but surely, Christmas should mean more for her… Besides, she has been behaving in quite a loveable way recently.

‘Come now, Ulrik, don’t be so teacher-like. Anyway, whomever do you want to give presents to? Old Edmund perhaps? Actually, you could give him a shovel with a silencer on it.’, laughed Winny at her own witty remark.

‘Well, yes. To old Edmund for one. And all the members of the Senior Club. And for your information, our class supports the local orphanage. Those children must also have some presents in their stockings, don’t they. Then … ‘

‘Hang on! You can’t get hold of so many presents from one Christmas to the other. It also costs a lot of money. Then there’s all the carrying and wrapping and so on and so forth…’, grumbled Winny.

‘Winny, how can you be so selfish!’ blurted out Ulrik.

‘What did you say?! Selfish?! … Well, if that’s what you think, I have nothing to say just this. I’m leaving now to finish my letter to Father Christmas. And you can take it for granted that I will think twice before I give anything to the undeserving this Christmas!’ And with that she jumped up, stared the pale Ulrik up and down with a piercing stare, pressed her cap on her head and stormed out.


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