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Winny’s Christmas – Part Two

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Winny’s Christmas – Part Two

Ulrik recalled the conflict with Winny several times in the following days, either with a heavy heart, because he still fancied the rabbit girl and missed her company, or with anger at her silly behaviour. Winny also did her best not to let him forget about their row by ignoring Ulrik ostentatiously and talking only with Hodge or Polly in the breaks and after school. Fortunately, Ulrik was busy after school these days. He handed out flyers in the nearby shopping mall to passers-by, inviting them to a Christmas charity show and urging them to contribute to the cause with gifts and donations.


Ulrik was standing in the hall of the shopping mall musing about Winny, his hands full of the colourful leaflets. He was pushing these into the extended hands mechanically, staring absently in front of himself. Suddenly, he froze. He recognised one of the extended paws as the pretty paw of Winny. He looked up but immediately wished he hadn’t. Winny was smiling at him radiantly, hanging onto Hodge’s arm.

‘Bye, Ulrik! Have a nice afternoon!’ she beamed in passing, leaving a sad frog behind.


‘I wish I saw his face.’, thought Winny. Actually, she wasn’t angry with Ulrik. He was walking about at school with such a desperate air; you couldn’t feel anything but compassion for him. But of course, he couldn’t expect to be forgiven so easily. He had to suffer. And Winny did her best to cause as much suffering as was possible. She had even consented to accepting the arrogant Hodge’s invitation to a pre-Christmas shopping expedition. Hodge could be quite entertaining once he forgot to be self-centred. What’s more, all the girls would be green with envy when they see her going out with Hodge. And anyway, Winny always found window shopping highly amusing.


‘Look, Hodge! What a lovely hat! It would match my furry coat perfectly.’ ,enthused Winny in front of a shop window.

‘Hmm,,yes.. I’ll be damned. That’s Pat over there. He must be present-hunting. Wait a mo’ ,Winny. I must talk to him for a sec’. ‘ and with that Hodge stormed away, deserting the perplexed Winny.

Winny stood there for a short while, but then she got bored and went in search of Hodge. On her way she spotted a sweet little windmill in one of the gift shops.

‘This will be perfect for Molly. And then she won’t need to steal my windmills.’ Further on, she noticed a light green fluffy scarf in a clothes shop. ‘Just right for Ulrik. This colour will suit him well.’ And she made an other purchase.

She was swinging her treasures merrily, when she glimpsed Hodge chatting and munching happily in the McFutters’ with Pat, Polly and Irene. Winny didn’t feel like joining them, so she turned on her heels and set off for home.


As she approached Ulrik, she pulled herself high, forced a beaming smile on her face and intended to pass the frog without notice. But Ulrik called out.

‘Winny, wait! I’d like to give this letter to you.’ ,he said and put a small mistletoe patterned envelope into Winny’s hand.

‘O.K., give it to me.’ ,tried Winny to maintain her haughty air while bursting with curiosity.


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