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Winny and Halloween

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Winny and Halloween

Winny and Halloween

The days of another calendar week had slipped by and Halloween was there. Winny was of two minds about this festival. She enjoyed making pumpkin lanterns, especially, because she could devour the excess bits and pieces. And as every groomed rabbit knows there is nothing better than sweet pumpkins. She also adored the mysteriously flickering lanterns on
the terraces and in the gardens of houses. Unfortunately, Winny found no joy in dressing up in costumes. It was her irrevocable conviction that witch, skeleton or ghost costumes didn’t become her at all.

What’s more, to walk from door to door in such ridiculous outfits, to call the attention of acquaintances to herself looking like that: out of the question. Who would want the neighbours gossip and chuckle to themselves for weeks at what a laughing stock she looked? Never!

However, it’s a pity to miss all the sweets children get at the houses. And she must do not only without the lovely treats but also without the tricks:  throwing eggs and tomatoes at the doors or gates of mean people. That’s a lot of fun, too!
So was Winny pondering gazing at the calendar utterly undecided. To go or not to go…

‘Anyway, I’ll go and get some fine pumpkins for lanterns at the market.’ ,she thought
grabbing her shopping basket.

On her way she bumped into Ulrik, the frog. He was going home with a big pumpkin on his
back. He wasn’t bouncing in his usual manner, rather crawling under the weight. On Winny’s
greeting his eyes lit up, though.

‘You are coming trick and treating, aren’t you? What is your fancy dress like?’ he inquired

Winny and Ulrik were getting on quite well since Ulrik had given his
magnificent windmill to Winny. It was still standing in a vase on Winny’s bedside table. So
Winny answered in quite a friendly tone, easily suppressing her supercilious attitude.

‘I don’t know. I’m not keen on this silly thing. I have grown out of these things.’
‘What a pity. You know, I have been working on a costume for days now and I was going to
give it to you…’, said Ulrik with a long face.
‘A costume? For me? … Can I take a look at it?’ opened Winny her eyes longingly.

Thus, she quickly purchased the pumpkins for her lanterns and dropped in on Ulrik to see the
Ulrik showed her into his room self-consciously and pointed to an almost finished outfit.

‘It isn’t awful at all!’ ,cried Winny.

A witch costume was hanging on a clothes hanger. But it wasn’t just any witch costume! It was the coolest, the most unique costume in the world!
Admittedly, Ulrik had proven his talent once more. Pink stars were sparkling on the black hat. The long black skirt was shining and when Winny tried it on, she felt slender and pretty in it. The cloak was tied around her neck with a pink ribbon. Winny was standing in front of the mirror mesmerized. And Ulrik was also looking into the mirror holding his breath in awe.

‘Oh, dear! She is pretty even as a witch.’ ,he sighed in admiration.

And Winny made up her mind:

‘Ulrik! Come over to my place to carve the pumpkin lanterns in the afternoon. And let’s go trick and treating together. I have never desired to go door to door to collect sweets so much!
And to throw eggs as well, of course!’

Ulrik felt the earth turning under his feet. At that moment he imagined with a beating heart that Winny was a real witch to be able to make such a miracle possible.

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