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Winny and Polly are going to the sweets shop

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Winny and Polly are going to the sweets shop

Winny and Polly are going to the sweets shop

Winny strolled on with a pleased air but she soon sank into boredom again.
‘Something should happen at last.’, she thought at the exact moment she spotted Polly.

‘Why Polly of all people, the eager-beaver, conceited Polly.’, she sighed and felt like hiding
somewhere. She glanced around.
‘Perhaps behind the pillar boxes? Or should I rather dash into the bakery?’

But it was too late.
Polly had noticed her and greeted her in a demure voice.

‘Hello, Winny dear.’

Polly looked at her with her usual affected smile which said ‘I love
everybody.’ And Winny hated this fervently. Polly was an insufferable know-it-all, she
always knew everything at school and did even the optional homework with pleasure.
Winny froze and gazed vacantly into the distance. Perhaps Polly hadn’t spotted her after all.
Maybe she would pass her believing she had mistaken her for somebody else. Winny closed
her eyes in anticipation. Suddenly she heard it again coming from quite close:

‘Hello, Winny dear! We have a lovely day, haven’t we!’

Winny opened her eyes and recoiled. Polly was standing right in front of her, their noses
almost touching. Winny felt goose bumps running down her back and squeezed out a ‘Hi’
between her teeth with great effort. Then an idea hit her and made her add with fresh

‘I’m just on my way to the sweets shop. Will you join me? My treat.’

And so they walked to the next corner, Polly chatting away, Winny not registering a single
word. Her thoughts were elsewhere. She was picturing to herself how she would hand Polly
a huge pink chewing gum Polly wouldn’t be able to resist.. She could clearly visualize how
Polly would start chewing with a wide grin. But the chewing gum would stick into her braces
and she would have to submerge her hand into her own mouth up to her elbow to remove it.
But she wouldn’t succeed. And then the following day she would have to keep her mouth shut
all day at last…
On the corner they saw the glittering, bright shop window full of candy and lollipops. Some
of them were bigger than one’s head, and all of them were inviting passers-by to enter the
shop. So Winny and Polly entered. They walked in circles unable to make a choice. Finally,
Winny found a basket full of fruit shaped chewing gum in all flavours: strawberry, peach,
banana, pear, even currants.

‘Pick one.’, she offered the basket to Polly.

Polly shook her head and pointed at a huge pink heart.

‘I would like that one.’

Winny’s brain was in turmoil. If she bought it for Polly, she couldn’t buy herself more than a
tiny candy. What’s more, she would have to walk all the way home, because she would have
to spend her bus fare, too. But if she refused Polly, she might ignore everything else and then
Winny’s plan would go up in a smoke.

‘OK, then that shall be it.’, she uttered with a forced lopsided smile.

They left the shop with satisfaction and Winny waited expectantly. Polly removed the
wrapper from her heart shaped candy in no time and shoved the gum into her mouth. At the
same time, she put her other hand into her mouth and retrieved a big glittering spider-like
animal and pushed it into Winny’s hand.

‘Could you hold it for me, please, Winny dear!’

At first Winny was frightened. She had never seen such a creature before. Then she studied
it intently. A sparkling rainbow-pink and violet body-like thing with legs made of wire. She
realized what it was. It was Polly’s slobbery brace. Could it be removed then? Was that it?
She could take it out of her mouth and eat whatever she whished to! And actually, it looked
quite cool…just like a futuristic space bug…even nicer than that. And it didn’t even prickle or stab as Winny had expected.
But then Polly grabbed her brace and set off abruptly.

‘Bye, Winny! I must be off now, I’m having a piano lesson. See you tomorrow!’ And she was

Winny was standing there frustrated. Her plan had failed. And she had to walk all the way
home with only a lousy half-eaten candy instead of a lollipop. She was jealous, because the
brace wasn’t disturbing Polly at all an her teeth were more beautiful or rather more even and
straighter than Winny’s. Oh, how Winny desired braces! She set off for home and to cheer
herself up a bit she started blowing on her windmill.

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