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Winny the Rabbit’s Christmas – Christmas tale – Part Five – Christmas Charity Show

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Winny the Rabbit’s Christmas – Christmas tale – Part Five  – Christmas Charity Show

In the morning on the day of the Christmas show Winny found it utterly impossible to sit through the lessons. She was so excited about the coming night; she couldn’t concentrate on anything else. Only when she arrived at school did she notice that she had put on different socks and had forgotten about her necklace. Ulrik must have felt the same, because he was more incoherent than usual when the teacher asked him something. Even more surprising for Winny, Polly looked quite pale and she also failed to be the usual annoying know-it-all.

After school everyone dispersed. Winny got dressed for the occasion and wore her new Christmas ribbon. She had an important task that night. She was one of the organisers who were to hand over the presents. At the end of the show she was going to walk along the rows of the Senior Club with a basket laden with presents and she was going to hand one to each guest smiling and wishing a merry Christmas. The presents for the children were to be handed over by old Edmund dressed up as Santa Claus.

When Winny set foot in the community centre, she was greeted by a delightful sight. She admired the work she had been part of. The hall had been decorated with pine, holly and mistletoe. On the stage stood the scenery she had helped paint. And Winny had to admit that under Ulrik’s supervision they had created magnificent scenery indeed. Facing the stage stood neat rows of chairs. Winny went backstage to chat with the other organisers and actors. Soon the noise and the excitement grew as the hall was filling up with audience and guests.

‘Winny, come quickly!’ Polly suddenly exclaimed.

‘Here we go. She is whining again.’ Winny thought with disapproval. ‘What’s up?’ she asked aloud.

‘Lunch must have been off. I can’t breathe and I’m feeling sick. What shall I do?’ Polly whimpered.

‘Take deep breaths and wait here. I’ll bring you some water.’ Winny took pity on her. While Winny was attending to Polly, the show had started on the stage. Winny watched with apprehension that Polly had really turned quite green.

‘This won’t do. How will she perform?’ Winny thought with concern. ‘Come now, Polly, you’ll have to go on stage soon. Exhale and go!’

‘No, no Winny. I’m not fit to perform. My limbs are shaking. It’s a fact now that I’m very ill. Someone has to take my place. … For instance you, Winny. You could do it.’ panicked Polly.

‘Out of the question. You are sound as a bell. Nobody could play as well as you. We need you Polly. Look. Give me the script and I’ll hide behind the scenery. If you forget your lines I’ll prompt you from there. Don’t you worry. You’ll see, as soon as you busy yourself, you’ll feel just fine.’ thus Winny encouraged Polly and with a determined push shoved her onto the stage. Then she took up her position behind the scenery.

Polly stood frozen in the lime light and the audience applauded in anticipation. Soon the applause faded and an eager silence followed. Polly still stood frozen. Whispers rose among the spectators. Edmund gave a meaningful croak from the side. And Polly still stood frozen. Some of the children started to giggle and Edmund’s croaks turned into violent chokes. But Polly still stood frozen. At this moment Winny moved. From behind the scenery she started to recite Polly’s lines. The audience quietened in surprise and Polly finally stirred. She opened her mouth hesitantly and blinked. Then to everybody’s relief, she took over. From that moment everything went well. The play was a great success; everybody was pleased with the presents, children and adults alike. Nothing else remained than to thank the volunteers. Ulrik and Winny also got a Christmas package, Polly, as the major performer of the night, got a huge box of chocolate wrapped around with a lovely pink ribbon.

After the last guest had left, a cosy chat and some tidying up commenced. Winny was happy and satisfied. Even Polly’s success couldn’t dampen her joy. Polly didn’t stay to clean up of course, but on that night this didn’t matter either. When they finished, Winny went to fetch her coat, looking forward to her walk home with Ulrik in the snowy night. As she lifted her coat from a chair, something fell out of it to the floor. It was a huge box of chocolate wrapped around with a lovely pink ribbon. On the top written in red lipstick stood: THANKS.

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