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Winny the Rabbit’s Christmas – Christmas tale – Part Three -Ulrik’s letter

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Winny the Rabbit’s Christmas – Christmas tale – Part Three -Ulrik’s letter

Winny was tossing and turning in bed all night. This was highly unusual, since, as commonly known, people with clean consciences have peaceful nights. And Winny had a clean conscience most of the time, because she truly believed she did everything perfectly right. But this time she was put out. And this was also highly unusual. She was always sure what to do. But now she was pondering about Ulrik’s letter. She had a gut feeling, some awful scheme must be hidden behind this.

‘It’s suspicious. Absolutely suspicious. .. If the letter had been delivered by Polly or Hodge, I wouldn’t hesitate to claim some villainy was in the offing. … But Ulrik is different. He is so nice and honest that it almost hurts. … But then why hadn’t he written it down in black and white what event the invitation was for.’ ,Winny was musing sleeplessly. ‘Should I go or shouldn’t I?’

For the letter, which Ulrik put in her hand at the entrance of the shopping mall was an invitation, but in a very laconic style:

If you want to have fun among nice people, you must meet me tomorrow at 5 in front of the community centre. Ulrik


Next day Winny was observing Ulrik all the time to find hidden hints about this matter, but in vain. By the afternoon she had butterflies in her stomach. At home she was staring into her mirror undecided.

‘This is ridiculous. I’ll go and that’s that. If it turns out to be a trick, I’ll simply give everyone a withering look and leave.’ She concluded finally and spent some time in front of the mirror practising her best withering look. Satisfied, she set off for the community centre with a suppressed apprehension.


When she got there, a worried frog had been waiting for her restlessly on the snow covered pavement.

‘Thanks for coming.’ , he uttered in a faltering voice. ‘Come in.’

Winny followed Ulrik into the community centre but halted at the entrance of the big hall. It was full of people. A Christmas carol was audible in the background and the scent of ginger bread filled the air. At the tables people of all ages were busying themselves.

‘Come, Winny, we’ll sit here.’ showed Ulrik the surprised rabbit girl to one of the tables.

‘We are making presents for Christmas, here.’ and he gave Winny a half finished plush rabbit.

Winny started to work hesitantly. Soon old Edmund came by with a mug and a steaming pot.

‘Tea, Winny dear? It’s really delicious with fruit and honey.’ , he offered kindly.

‘Yes, please.’

Winny uttered blushing to the tips of her pretty ears in embarrassment. But the fine aroma of her tea soon subdued her awkwardness and she started to enjoy making toys. Every plush rabbit got a different outfit. Winny let her imagination loose and dressed the toys in all the things she herself liked wearing. Later she was immersed in a merry chat with the old ladies who treated the volunteers to homemade cookies.


At the end of the week came the time to clean up. Instinctively, Winny moved for her coat making up the perfect excuse to leave, because cleaning always made her severely ill. Then her expression changed abruptly and she grabbed a broom intrepidly. Ulrik dropped the stack of trays he was carrying to the kitchen in surprise. Winny looked up at the noise and winked at Ulrik sweetly.

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