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Winny’s windmill

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Winny’s windmill

Winny’s windmill

Winny was loitering in the street thoroughly bored. It was hot in the city and few people were about. Winny stopped in front of a shop window and admired her reflection.

’Cool.’, she nodded.

From the mirror a black rabbit girl looked back at her with pink eyes and a keen distracting glance holding a lovely pink windmill.
Winny loved windmills but this one was turning lazily in the heat. She started blowing on it to make it spin faster but she got fed up with it quickly.

’Dear…what a dead bore…I’ve got to find something to do.’, she said and looked around searchingly.

Suddenly, she spotted Ulrik, the frog in front of an ice-cream parlour. Winny chuckled happily because now she knew how to amuse herself. She sneaked behind the frog boy and leapt next to him hissing in his ears ominously,

’Sh… be inconspicuous!’

Ulrik was startled and glanced around his eyes bulging in fear.

’What…what?’, he stammered.

’I told you not to attract attention.’, said Winny in annoyance. ‘Do as if nothing happened.’

Ulrik gulped and nodded hesitantly.

’Well done,’, whispered Winny.’ Now listen. Take this windmill, blow it hard until I return. It mustn’t stop. This is a question of life and death.’, she went on.

’What…what…why…?’, Ulrik couldn’t understand a word.

’Phew…don’t be so di-witted.’, said Winny superciliously while chuckling to herself about Ulrik. ’The key is to blow the windmill, it must spin. I can’t say more. It’s a secret mission and I must go now…. It’s essential that the windmill stays spinning. Here, take it and start blowing at it.’

’Well, all right.’, answered Ulrik hesitantly and took the windmill. He took a deep breath and with a puffed-up face he started blowing. The windmill started to turn rapidly.

’Is it OK?’, he asked squinting at Winny who was observing him sternly.

’Well, it will do.’, she answered in dismay. ‘Just don’t let it stop till I return.’ she warned the dexterously blowing frog, who merely nodded in reply and kept blowing.

Winny then bounced into the ice-cream parlour and soon reappeared with three balls of carrot flavoured ice-cream.
Ulrik, short of breath and purple in the face could hardly wait for her return.

’Can…can…I…stop now?, he asked with hope.
’Not until I say so.’, answered Winny jauntily licking her ice-cream.

She continued licking enchanted by the spectacle of the windmill blown by the breathless frog.
She made no attempt to hurry, finished her ice-cream slowly, circumspectly. Then she grabbed the windmill and tossed the sodden scone into Ulrik’s hand.

’You can have this.’, she said gracefully and bounced off giggling, leaving the perplexed Ulrik standing there with the sodden scone gulping in confusion.

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